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Volume Natural

Uber Light, Uber fine 2D/3D Lash extensions. Looks natural whilst increasing your lashes by over double the amount. Perfect for the no masacra look with the bonus of added volume!

Volume Impact

from £90.00

3D & 4D Lash extensions. Looks amazing, the great choice for every day wear. You will increase the volume of your natural lashes by 3 - 4 times and whilst thick, long & full of volume they will look every bit your own. Perfect for the mascara look with volume. 

Make an impact every day.

Volume Dramatic

VvVoom Volume - we are talking full on, full of volume 5D-6D lashes. Increasing your lashes by 5 - 6 times the natural amount, make no mistake, this is thick, lucious and absolutely gorgeous. A look to impress. Perfect for anyone who wants gorgeous lovely lashes, a special occassion or just every day.

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