LVL Enhance

Throw away your eyelash curler, Bin your masacra!

LVL -  Lift, Volume, Enhance.


In short, this replaces your eyelash curler & mascara for 6 weeks. 

Nouveau exclusive treatment can only be applied by an experienced Nouveau Lash Accredited Lash Technician. At Lash CC we straighten your natural eyelashes at the root to create the effect of longer, lifted lashes, apply a curl and finally add a tint : perfect lashes, perfet curl, perfect colour. No Mascara, No eyelash curler. Freedom...

What to expect?

  • ​Colour Boosting Tint, Curl & Lift!!

  • Lasts for upto 6 weeks!

  • Requires a patch test 48hrs prior